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    24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring of your network servers, workstations, mobile devices, and more.
    UNLIMITED remote support from our Help Desk Professionals
    Server and network management to ensure potential problems are identified before they happen.
    Security protection and intrusion testing
    Anti-Virus and Spyware monitoring and removal
    Chief Information Officer
    Vendor Management
    Asset Management

    Project Management, and more...


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Technology Management Service Levels

Level One Features


  24 x 7 x 365 Monitoring of Network devices like desktops, notebooks, servers, and more  
  Deployment of Microsoft and non-Microsoft software patches
  Third-party patch management for applications from Adobe, Apple, Mozilla, Oracle, and more.
  Anti-virus Monitoring and updates every 4 hours
  Spyware Protection and Removal
  Backup Monitoring
  Hardware SMART Checks
  Script Deployment for Windows and other leading software vendors
  Hardware and Software Reporting
  Mobile Management BYOD
  Discounts on hourly rates

Level Two Features


  Includes Level One services
  Unlimited remote support from our Help Desk
  Routine on-site visits
  Backup Monitoring and Management
  Chief Information Officer and Vendor Management
  Asset Management
  Employee Computer Use and Security Policies and Training
  Annual IT Assessment
  Tracking of Software Licensing

Level Three Features


  Includes Level Two services
  Off-Site Backup and Replicated Disaster Recovery Servers
  Annual Security Audits and Vulnerability Testing from Certified Security Professionals.
  Routine End-User Security Training
Service Level Comparison
 ‚Äč  Level One Level Two IT360
Desktop Monitoring & Patch Management x x x
Anti-virus Monitoring and Updates x x x
Malware & Spyware Protection x x x
Security Patch Management x x x
Third-Party Patch Management* x x x
Internet  Browser Maintenance x x x
Asset Collection x x x
Logical Disk Check x x x
SMART Monitoring x x x
Server Monitoring x x x
Server Management   x x
UNLIMITED Remote Desktop Support   x x
Network User Administration   x x
Server Backup Management   x x
Chief Information Officer   x x
Vendor Management   x x
Asset Management    x x
Security Services   x x
Security Audits and Penetration Tests     x
Off-Site Backup and Replicated Disaster Recovery Servers     x
Routine End-User Security Training     x

Windows Patch Management
Microsoft Windows operating system updates and Microsoft application( Office, Outlook, Visio, Project, etc.) that are tested and Whitelisted before deployed.

Windows Security Patch Management
Windows security updates that are tested and Whitelisted before deployed.

Third-Party Patch Management
Deployment of 3rd Party applications like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, Adobe Air, Adobe Shockwave, Java, QuickTime, Mozilla Firefox, VLC, and more. 

Anti-virus Monitoring and Updates
Provides anti-virus monitoring and management for anti-virus vendors like AVG, BitDefender, Endpoint, Microsoft Security Essentials, ThreatTrack and more. 

Malware & Spyware Protection
Provides Malware and Spyware removal and protection.  Our suite of tools will perform routine scans and remove Malware and Spyware file and registry infections from your network workstations.

Internet Browser Maintenance
Todays browsers need constant updates and specific settings in order for various Web sites to work.  Our browser maintenance and policies allow all users browsers settings to the same; therefore bringing consistency to the users desktop.

Asset Collection
We perform an asset collection of all hardware and software within the network.  Our reporting tools allow us to track recent installed software and more.

Logical Disk Check
Performing disk checks can detect early failure on workstation hard drives.  Predicting a disk failure can reduce potential downtime.  Our Manage Services tool monitors workstation hardware components daily and reports them back to our data center.

Server Monitoring
Servers are monitored 24/7/365.  Anytime servers report a failure or potential failure our Help Desk is notified day or night and immediate action is performed.


Server Management
Servers are managed by our expert staff of engineers and support professionals.  Servers are managed by our patch management tools that assure prompt security patches that keep your servers protected and up-to-date.

UNLIMITED Remote Desktop Support
That's correct, unlimited remote support from our Help Desk.  Clients with Levels Two or Three Managed Services get our unlimited support from our Help Desk.

Network User Administration
Our network professionals provide network administration and performing tasks such as new user creation, email administration, user security, and more.

Server Backup Management
Backup management is the management of your daily backups and restores. It's not a matter of if, but when you need files restored.  Our backup management services assure your backups are running successfully.

Chief Information Officer
With our CIO services you have a dedicated technology expert with IT management experience.  Your CIO can maintain your IT budget, be an advisor to technology projects, provide strategic planning, and more.

Vendor Management
Everyone has a phone system, uses local and long distance service, or a Web developer.  Our Vendor Management helps you deal with your technology vendors with piece of mind you have a knowledgeable association to help.

Asset Management
We inventory and routinely collect data on your network assets.  Our Managed Service programs will especially track the items that have warranties and keep track of when those warranties expire.

Security Services
We uses minimum security policy that was develop from industry standards and best practices.  These security polices are reviewed with our clients and then customized to their specific needs. 

UNLIMITED Projects and Upgrades
This service is included with our IT360 Level Three Managed Service offering.  This service provides unlimited labor for network projects and upgrades.

Spam Filter and Anti-virus
At Madeira  Networks we offer Spam Filtering and Anti-virus protection from leading technology manufacturers.  These services are managed and monitored by our Manage Services programs and can include 1, 2 or 3 year subscription services.

Backup Management


Backups and Data Recovery Made Simple




Madeira Networks Backup Management Services provides on-site (local) backups for faster recovery of your files and optional Disaster Recovery Services which provides an off-site copy of your data.

Need to run your business and access the off-site data? Ask about our Stand-by Server option.


Disaster Recovery


When an unexpected disaster hits, IT recovery becomes your top priority

Madeira Networks' Disaster Recovery Services offers fast and reliable off-site recovery of your data and Stand-by Servers that will keep you operational when a disaster hits.

Off-site backups can be scheduled for once a day, hourly, and even a continuous backup throughout the day.



Mobile Management


Is Corporate data on your employee's mobile devices?


BYOD (bring your own device) is a common practice in the corporate world and businesses need a way to mange and secure their data.

Madeira Networks offers a Mobile Management service that allows you to keep the data on your employees device secure and manageable.



Security Services


Certified Security Professionals Only



Our Security Services are provided by Certified Ethical Hackers with extensive experience in information technology security.

We use industry best practices that will help aid bring better employee practices and guidelines to your organization.