Migration of Agency Management Systems

Agency Management Systems (AMS) provide key functionality that drive the business and are an important platform of a successful agency.

The right Agency Management System will streamline an agencies workflow and improve every day operations.


Madeira Networks is experienced with the migration of agency management systems and has developed a process to help agencies select the right management system.


A Look At Our Process


     Initial understanding of Agency and their workflows

     Defining the roles of each team member

     Review and documentation of current workflow

     Developement of "needs and wants"

     Software review

     Software selection

     Software migration project with vendor

     Final review

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What you should know about Encryption



Encryption software should be an industry leader and should be easy for your recipient to use.

The last thing we want is to handle questions or support calls from our recipient.

Select a software that is easy to use and uses acceptable encryption methods.



Electronic Signatures


When an unexpected disaster hits, recovery is your top priority

Madeira Networks' Disaster Recovery Services offers fast and reliable off-site recovery of your data and Stand-by Servers that will keep you operational when a disaster hits.

Off-site backups can be scheduled for once a day, hourly, and even a continuous backup throughout the day.



Mobile Management


Is Corporate data on your employee's mobile devices?

BYOD (bring your own device) is a common practice in the corporate world and businesses need a way to mange and secure their data.

Madeira Networks offers a Mobile Management service that allows you to keep the data on your employees device secure and manageable.



Security Services


Certified Security Professionals Only


Our Security Services are provided by Certified Ethical Hackers with extensive experience in information technology security.

We use industry best practices that will help aid bring better employee practices and guidelines to your organization.