Ransomware is expected to attack a business every 14 seconds by end of 2019.


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Madeira Networks offers Cyber Security Compliance and Risk Management services
that are performed by Certified Ethical Hackers.

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Security and Risk Assessment



Security and Risk Assessment starts with defining an organizations network and establishing risk levels within the network.  These risks are detected through a process whereby internal and external tests find vulnerabilities.  These vulnerabilities are then minimized in the remediation phase.


Part of a Security and Risk Assessment includes defining controlled procedures to give access to network resources, end-user training, user targeted emails, and more.


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Why It's Important



Companies who have not established a risk level will drastically increase their exposure to a data breach.


This threat of being breached is not going away.  It has become necessary that organizations take measures to prevent a breach and mitigate the damage if they occur.


Organizations that understand their risks and have an organized process will minimize exposure and be able to comply to industry assessments.


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Our Process

Madeira Networks performs a vigerous review starting with the Assessment phase.  This phase defines network resources, their risks, and any remediation actions.  The remediation phase is a process of addressing risks and minimizing any exposure.


Security and Risk Assessment also includes the review of computer and mobile use policies, employee awareness training, targeted email attempts, Web blocking, anti-virus, spam filtering, and more.


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