Backup and Disaster Recovery

Madeira Networks provides a reliable solution that is responsive in time of a disaster.


You want a disaster recovery plan that will safeguard your business data, allow you to maintain productivity, and limit any financial losses.


Speed up your recovery time with our Virtualized Server Recovery and our fully equiped employee work centers. 


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IT Management


Leaders in Technology Management



Madeira Networks technology services are based on a practical approach to technology management.


Our cost-effective Managed Services programs are based on a core model that provides top notch technology support from back-office IT professionals.



Cloud Services


Flexibility in the Cloud with Madeira Networks Cloud Services

With no upfront costs we can provide a complete back-end infrastructure with minimal on-site hardware.


Your office is connected through a virtual private network to our data center where all your data and applications are managed.







Mobile Management


Is Corporate data on your employee's mobile devices?


BYOD (bring your own device) is a common practice in the corporate world and businesses need a way to mange and secure their data.

Madeira Networks offers a Mobile Management service that allows you to keep the data on your employees device secure and manageable.



Security Services


Certified Security Professionals Only



Our Security Services are provided by Certified Ethical Hackers with extensive experience in information technology security.

We use industry best practices that will help aid bring better employee practices and guidelines to your organization.